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Ордена, медали

There are 719 works of art in this category

Franz von Sickingen, 1521

Medal “For Zeal” of the Reign of Emperor Nicholas II (worn on the chest)

Krzysztof (Christoph) Szydlowiecki (Schidloweczki), 1526

Jacob Seisenegger, 1543

Medal in Honor of Leonard Euler

Medal on the 100th Anniversary of the Death of M.V. Lomonosov

Medal at the Conclusion of Peace with Turkey. Reverse

Medal Commemorating the Consecration of St Isaac's Cathedral in St Petersburg

Medal award for participants of the photographic exhibition in St. Petersburg

Magdeburg. Interimtaler, after 1549

Nicolaus von Gulchen, 1603

Star of the Royal American Order of Isabella the Catholic. Obverse

Saxony. Kurfürst Johann I and His Son Johann Friedrich. Taler, 1530

MarKus III Fugger and Sibilla, borned von Eberstein

brandenburg-Ansbach. Friedrich Younger, 1533

Baron Georg von Khevenhüller, 1566

Резные камни

There are 1496 works of art in this category

Intaglio. Victorious Athlete

Cameo. Heracles Strangling the Lion

Cameo. Allegory of Summer (? )

Cameo. Ganymede, Eros and the Eagle

Cameo. Orpheus Playing the Lyre

Cameo. Empress Livia

Scarabaeoid Seal 'Lying Sphynx'

Cameo. Portrait of Alexander I

Cameo. Apobatos with a Horse (fragment)

Intaglio. Serapis

Cameo: Cupid Riding on Hippocampus

Intaglio. Victory by a Trophy

Cameo. Cupid with Spolis of Hercules

Cameo. Two Pelicans

Intaglio. Olive Branch in Laurel Wreath (Allegory of the Peace between the Russian Empire and Sweden ? )

Intaglio.Talisman. Heron and a Scorpio


There are 224 works of art in this category

Molivdovul Showing Alexander the Great`s Flight Towards Heaven

Molivdovul. Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine

Molivdovul. Theodora Ducaena Palaelogina, Wife of Emperor Michael VIII

Molivdovul. Michael VIII Palaeologus

Molivdovul. Irene Comnena, Wife of Emperor John III Ducas Vatatzes

Molivdovul. Romanus IV and Eudocia with Michael VII, Constantine and Andronicus

Seal with the Monogram of Catherine II

Molivdovul. Euphrosyne Ducaena, Wife of Emperor Alexsius III Angelus

Molivdovul. Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine

Molivdovul. Irene

Molivdovul. John III Ducas Vatatzes


Molivdovul. Constantine IV

Molivdovul. Constantine IX Monomachus

Molivdovul. Andronicus II Palaeologus

Molivdovul. Constantine X Ducas

Монеты, бумажные деньги

There are 475 works of art in this category

Double Guldiner with Equestrian Portrait of the Emperor Maximilian I




Tetradrachm. Head of Persephone. Obverse


Spoon made from Coin



1/2 Mark



Copper Nominalis

Brooch made from a Georgsthaler

2 Centavos

2 Kopecks. St George Slaying the Dragon. Obverse